OptiWay Virtual Secretariat

Cooperation with us saves time and money.
We participate in planning your work!



A few reasons why you should entrust us with the secretariat service:

  • » More time to run your own business.
  • » Lower costs compared to secretarial equipment.
  • » Lower costs compared to employing a full-time secretary.
  • » Comprehensive service and high substantive quality.
  • » Clear and transparent rules for cooperation based on a confidentiality agreement.
  • » Adaptation to individual customer needs.
  • » Responsibility and security.
  • » Possibility of using other services supporting the current activity of the company.

The scope of the service:

  • » Answering telephone calls (informing about the activities of the client’s company, making notes from conversations, current reporting on connections),
  • » Running and help in planning the schedule,
  • » Rewriting texts and writing letters on behalf of the client,
  • » Organizing business meetings at the office headquarters,
  • » Comprehensive meeting service (catering, preparation of documents, preparation of meeting minutes, printing, photocopying of documents, multimedia service – presentations),
  • » oOrganizing translation as well as oral translation at business meetings or videoconferences,
  • » Help in dealing with small and big cases,
  • » Possibility to combine the virtual secretary service with the Coworking office services.

Who is the person from the virtual secretariat?

It is a dedicated employee who receives incoming calls to our clients and serves your company in the scope of activities for which the contract was concluded.

How will a virtual secretary’s employee know that the customer is calling your company?

Our system allows to identify the recipient of the connection. Thanks to this, a consultant working in the Virtual Secretariat receiving a call can present himself with the given name of the company, giving the impression that he is an employee of your company.

What time are phones received as part of the Virtual Secretariat service?

Telephones within this service are collected between 9:00 and 17:00