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  • » Subsidies from the Labuor Office,
  • » Loan funds.

Subsidies from the Labour Office:

To start a business

The amount of subsidy can be up to 6 times the average salary, which means that both the entity granting subsidies – the Labour Office and the applicant may freely lower it. In 2018, people who receive such a grant can count on amounts from about PLN 15,000 to PLN 23,000.

Subsidants registered in the Labour Office may apply for grants for opening a company from PUP. In general, a grant application from the Labour Office may be submitted one month after the registration . In some institutions applications can be submitted immediately after registration, but in some PUPs, the period that has to pass from registration to submit an application for funding is even 3 months.

The mere fact of having the status of an unemployed person is not the only criterion that is taken into account when making the decision to award a subsidy. The problem of granting subsidies to unemployed people who have an entry in the business activity register is quite significant, but they do not lead it, because they are in the period of its suspension.
In this case, a subsidy may be obtained, provided that a declaration of termination of business activity is made on at least 12 months and one day before submitting the application.

The application is subject to substantive evaluation and within approximately 1.5 months after the PUPs have accepted the money, they will be on the applicant’s account.

We can also use other forms of co-financing such as:

  • » Reimbursement of equipment or retrofitting costs for an unemployed person to work,
  • » Co-financing of trainings for the employer and employees,
  • » Reimbursement of employee employment costs

Loan funds:

The purpose of loan funds is to provide external financing, primarily for micro and small entrepreneurs and people starting a business, having difficulties in obtaining commercial financing (e.g. bank loans) due to the lack of required collateral or credit history.

These institutions offer loans for purposes related to the start, running and developing business operations, including:

  • » Investment financing
  • » Implementation of new technical or technological solutions,
  • » Purchase of machinery and equipment, expansion,
  • » Adaptation or modernization of production, commercial and service facilities,
  • » Purchase of materials and raw materials necessary for the implementation of the assumed business undertaking.