Tax advisory at OptiWay

Tax advisor is a guarantee of safe development of your company.
Under the conditions of tax law that is often changing and subject to various interpretations of tax law, the professional help of a tax advisor is an element of competitive advantage. The tax adviser signs and provides his entry number on the list of advisers on tax declarations and returns, and in the case of an error he is liable for damages caused.

In response to the Electronic Checks of uniform control file: the Tax Advisory Service without any limit under the contract.



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The main areas of competence include:

  • » Wide knowledge of tax regulations, mainly income tax from legal persons and VAT tax,
  • » Knowledge of administrative procedures together with the preparation of pleadings,
  • » Ability to perform tax analysis and assessment of tax risk,
  • » Knowledge and preparation of transfer pricing documentation,
  • » Knowledge in the area of accounting mainly preparation of financial statements, and cost account,
  • » Analysis of tax planning and optimization of tax burdens in companies and not only,
  • » Tax analysis of planned transformations and liquidation of companies.

TAX CONSULTING – Scope of activities:

  • » Giving advice, opinions and explanations regarding tax obligations
  • » Making testimonies and tax returns or providing assistance in this area
  • » Representing clients in proceedings before tax authorities at all instances and before Administrative Courts
  • » Providing advice, opinions and explanations, as well as settlements other than taxes – such as public law liabilities (e.g. social security contributions, health insurance)
  • » Advising on international tax law, advising and representing clients in the scope of obligations resulting from customs law

TAX CONSULTING – Possibilities of cooperation:

Variant 1

A contract based on a flat-rate remuneration package of services under the current tax consultancy, which you can use in a given month (unlimited) price from PLN 1000 / month.

  • » Preparation of opinions on problems presented by the client in the field of tax law,
  • » Issuing opinions on contracts concluded by the client as part of his activity in the aspect of its effects
  • » Providing oral consultations, including telephone consultations, in the field of tax law,
  • » Short studies in response to inquiries made by the client in the form of information sent electronically.

Variant 2

Standard Online Advice

  • » PLN 150.00/ unit – Price is for one question / problem – (lead time – up to 72 hours).
  • » 250,00 zł/unit – Price is for one question / problem – (lead time – up to 24 hours)

Online advice expanded

  • » 200,00 zł/h- expert’s work – (delivery time – up to 72 hours)
  • » 300,00/h – expert work – (delivery time – up to 24 hours)

Variant 3

Ability to represent in tax proceedings – individual valuation.


The prices are net prices + 23% VAT tax