Consultancy in the field of accounting, payroll in OptiWay

We provide assistance in the areas of accounting, employment and employee wages.



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mgr Justyna Kowalczyk
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  • » in the field of business accounting and companies,
  • » in terms of employees (staff),
  • » in the field of employees’ remuneration and owners (wages).

Accountancy- Scope of activities:

Properly maintained accounting for many companies means a chance to implement numerous optimizations. Modern accounting offices, including OptiWay, offer support of qualified experts and full outsourcing, which will allow you to reduce the costs associated with the need to comply with accounting obligations. As part of accounting services, we provide:

  • » Keeping accounting books (trading books),
  • » Keeping a tax revenue and expense ledger,
  • » Keeping a flat-rate income tax register,
  • » Keeping VAT records of goods and services,
  • » Keeping records of fixed assets and equipment,
  • » Settlement of foreign transactions,
  • » Preparing financial statements,
  • » Audit of books and records

Human resources Scope of activities:

  • » Support in solving current staffing problems in the company,
  • » Support in the inspections of the National Labour Inspectorate and the Social Insurance Institution and assistance in dealing with post-control matters,
  • » Drawing up employment contracts in accordance with applicable labour law regulations,
  • » Drawing up civil law contracts (commission contracts, contracts for specific work),
  • » Preparing work certificates,
  • » Drawing up internal regulations of the employer (work regulations, remuneration regulations, regulations of the company social benefits fund),
  • » Registration of business owners, employees and family members to Social Insurance Institution,
  • » Preparing documentation related to sickness, rehabilitation, maternity benefits and care allowance.

Payroll – Scope of activities:

  • » Preparing payrolls for employees’ remuneration,
  • » Preparing bills for civil law contracts based on information from the client,
  • » Calculating monthly premiums and preparing social insurance declarations,
  • » Calculating advances for income tax on PIT employees,
  • » Preparation of annual information on earned income and collected PIT-11, PIT-4R advances,
  • » On the customer’s request, prepare an annual settlement for the employee.