Why OptiWay Accounting Office??

Optiway Accounting Office was based on years of professional experience of chairperson Mrs Justyna Kowalczyk.

Optiway LLC is a professional office in terms of qualifications and knowledge of current tax and civil law. We cooperate with tax advisors, solicitors, an auditor, lawyers and we provide services like GDPR, OHS and financial services.

From the beginning of our activity we pay special attention to high quality of our services, so we approach each client individually and give the opportunity to determine services a client will use. A client makes a choice of price by choosing the scope of services.

We guarantee saving your precious time, certainty of timely implementation and optimization of economic risk. Signing a contract with us gives comfortable implementation of task for you. We can reduce a contact with the office to delivery of documents at a convenient time. For your comfort we extended our offer to possibility of receipting the documents by an office representative. You can also send your documents by mail, courier, fax, e-mail, telephone or tablet.


OptiWay offers comprehensive services combining the advantages of the internet and traditional accounting office. We adapt the way of accounting to each client’s needs individually. Our accounting office offers traditional cooperation for those who don’t trust in modern technology and do not feel secure in matters related to the internet. We also run an innovative and extremely convenient method of cooperation through the website. The internet solutions we use give you access to all data and statistics regarding your company’s finances, no matter where you are at the moment. We guarantee data security and appropriate encryption systems.

From the beginning of our activity we pay special attention to high quality of our services, which is why we approach individually to every client giving the possibility of deciding what services the client will use. Customer makes a choice of price by choosing the scope of services.


Justyna Kowalczyk

Chairperson of
OptiWay Accounting office

Owner of OptiWay
business support center

How do we work?

Cooperation models

  • » Traditional accounting
  • » internet accounting

Delivery of documents

You can deliver your documents:

  • » by yourself
  • » by mail or courier
  • » by e-mail or fax
  • » by smartphone or tablet
  • » or a representative of our office may collect the documents


You can contact us:

  • » by e-mail
  • » free phone available on the website
  • » by mobile phone
  • » by chat with bookkeeper
  • » or personally


You can receive information about taxes and bills by e-mail or view accounting data, HR data and your own declarations using a web browser in the client’s panel (from a computer, telephone, tablet).


We send all declarations to offices on your behalf by electronic means (by post if the client makes such a decision).

Program for invoicing

We provide you with a free invoicing program – a double benefit for people who will choose to settle according to the number of documents – sales documents introduced into the system in this way are not taken into account when calculating the amount of documents provided by the customer for settlement

OptiWay is additional time for your business.
Working with OptiWay you devote time only to possible
payment of taxes and Social Security according to payment dates.

Accounting services

HR and payroll services

Business Support Center

Other services for individual clients