OptiWay Coworking Office

At your disposal, we give workplaces in our space.



We offer a range of services to help you run your own business. We provide you with services related to the virtual office. This means that we will register your company at our address, in the business center of/centre Gdansk, rent office space, whenever you need access to the workplace, we will remove you from the daily obligation to receive e-mails and telephones.

What you get:

  • » Address for company registration
  • » Mailing address
  • » Receipt of correspondence
  • » Workplace (reservation required 3 days before the service)
  • » Handling incoming correspondence (receiving and storing correspondence until the time of receipt by the customer.
  • » Prestigious address of headquarters and / or correspondence address.

In order to meet your needs and requirements, we have in our offer rental of desks for hours. We understand that a large part of our customers need a place to work only sometimes, and often for a small amount of time. You give up, therefore, a standard office rental, for which you have to pay a high rent often, because why spend money on a place where you spend little time during the month?

In such cases, you do not even need to rent the entire office for a specified amount of time. So what to do to save money? Rent a desk for hours. Thanks to this solution, you will be able to work in peace and quiet at your desk, in a comfortable armchair. At your disposal will also be an individual locker with a key, in which you will be able to store, for example, documents.

Desk for hours is a great solution for people who occasionally need a quiet place to work, for example, an hour or a few hours. We guarantee very attractive prices, and above all a nice atmosphere. We care about our clients’ trust and, if necessary, re-using our services. We are inviting you to cooperation!

We will soon provide you with a platform with a number of functionalities that will allow you to quickly use our services.


  • » Conference room (8 persons) – 35.00 PLN / hour
  • » Conference room (8 persons) (water, coffee, tea) – 40 PLN / hour room with drinks
  • » Desk for hours – 22 PLN / hour
  • » A desk with a laptop – 30 PLN / hour
  • » Work station for the month 300 PLN net
  • » Work station for the month 400 PLN net (water, coffee, tea)
  • » Work station with a laptop for PLN 500 net /month
  • » Work station with a laptop for PLN 600 net / month (water, coffee, tea)

Your advertisement in OptiWay:

Placement of customer’s advertising materials in the office (leaflets, folders, etc. with the exclusion of large-format elements)

  • » 150 PLN net / month – leaflets, A4-size folders
  • » 100 PLN net / month – leaflets, A5 format folders
  • » 50.00 PLN net / month – the DL format leaflet and business cards

Thanks to our solutions, running your company will be much easier!